Plant Jumper

As the first minigame, i will build a simple jumper game.


  • Simple Blocks
  • Water going up to catch the player
  • Player that jumps
  • Simple Controllers by clicking in the left or right of the screen
  • Simple procedural level generation
  • Using Pure ECS

Throughout the development I will post short posts describing how this will be done.

Entities, Components and Systems first idea

My first guess of Entities, Components and Systems are the list below, but probably while implementing i will notice another needs


  • Player
  • Block
  • Water


  • Position
  • Player (tags)
  • Block(tag)
  • Collision
  • PlayerInput
  • ParticleDispatcher
  • Jump
  • AutomaticAction


  • PlayerInputSystem
  • PlayerHitSystem
  • AutomaticJumpSystem


Decide the considerations on the granularity of components and systems will be a good challenge that we are going to face together