[PloobsEngine] Problems and Frequently Asked Questions

Hi people, in this post i will try to answer lots of question that we are receiving by email.

This page will grow as soon as more common doubts appears.

Before reading this page, i strongly suggest you to read the Tutorial page and the Engine Presentation page

Q: What is Deferred and Forward Rendering? How i use them ? What is the limitations of each one ?

A: Deferred and Forward Rendering are rendering technics that differs in how they process our scene to make the final image. PloobsEngine supports both types. To use Deferred you need to create a DeferredRenderTechninch and Deferred Materials when initializing your scene, to use forward you need to create the ForwardRenderTechnich and Forward Materials as explained in this tutorial.

The principal limitation of Deferred Rendering are:

  • Transparent Materials are NOT illuminated (their color is their texture mixed with the background, the lights do not affects the transparent material)
  • DO NOT SUPPORTS vertex paint. YOU NEED TO PROVIDE A DIFFUSE TEXTURE FOR EACH MODEL !!!!! THE MODEL MUST HAVE TEXTURE MAPPING COORDINATES !!! (the Ploobsengine provides some ways to build procedural textures)

The principal limitation of Forward Rendering are:

  • DO NOT SUPPORTS LIGHTINING (only the basic effects ones)
  • DO NOT supports lots of our effects like shadow, water …..
YOU CAN MIX DEFERRED WITH FORWARD in a scene configured to use DEFERRED TECHNIC, but you CANT use DEFERRED WITH FORWARD in a scene configured to use FORWARD TECHNIC.

Q: How can i use the classic XNA basiceffect with a model ?
A: In deferred you CANNOT), in Forward you need to use the ForwardXNABasicShader (FORWARD MATERIAL) that is our wrapper to the XNA basic effect shader. You can configure some of its parameters using the ForwardXNABasicShaderDescription object (pass it to the ForwardXNABasicShader  constructor ).

Q: I cant find any of the classes shown in the samples …. ?
A: Are you using the lastest released version ??? Check here  !!!!

Q:  All my objects are BLACK !!!!!! How to FIX IT ?
A: It can happens because of lots of things, the most commons are:

  • Almost 99% of the time, it happens cause you did not provide a Diffuse Texture to the model (maybe cause you are using vertex paint). If you are using deferred shading you must provide a texture (the engine will try to find the texture in the .x or .fbx file and load to you, but if you did not exported them …. the engine will not find, so you can provide it using the IModelo function setTexture).
  • If you are using a model with Vertex Paint you MUST use ForwardRendering. You also MUST provide a ForwardXNABasicShaderDescription object to the ForwardXNABasicShader with the useTexture property set to FALSE.
  • If you are not using vertex paint, are you sure your model has Texture Coordinates (you need to export them from your modeling software)
  • If you are using deferred shading, are you sure you added at least one light ? try adding 6 ambient lights in all directions.

Q: How to move a model? 
A: There are lots of ways:

  • A character like movement movement. See the MovementScreen in the Introduction Demos package.
  • Basic Movement. Just set Physic Object position property (sometimes it is not good, cause it will influence the physic simulation)
  • Physic Movement: Use the Impulse functions of the Physic Object
BE AWARE THAT: Ghost object are not physic simulated, so the can move EVERYWHERE (you will only be able to set its position/rotation, you cannot apply forces ….).
BE AWARE THAT 2: Triangle meshes CANNOT MOVE !!!!

Q: I compiled the engine, picked up the dlls, put in my project but i got “”runtime erros saying that some lib is missing”
A: After building the engine, you must Merge the engine DLL with our third party APIS (like physics one). For this you must install the program ILMERGE (from MICROSOFT) and use our provided script called Merge.bat (you can find it in the Debug/Release folders in the Engine source code)

Q: Where is the source Code ?
A: Here port-ploobsengine.googlecode.com


Q: PloobsEngine is free ?
A: It has two licenses (one is GNU) Check this page. If you want a custom license, talk to use.  WE ARE VERY FLEXIBLE. (If you are an independent developer, we will probably give you a comercial license without any cost =P)



A: Mail us at contato@ploobs.com.br, use our forum or comment HERE !!!


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