Motion Blur on Windows Phone 7

Everytime we need to give the impression of Speed we go to Motion Blur. There are Loots of ways to implement this, the old classic idea is to use the “also old” Accumulation Buffer to create this effect, more modern approaches generates each frame a Velocity buffers and use it to distort the final image.

 As we are bored to say, WP7 does not support custom shaders, so we need to find a solution with the “old school” features like alpha blending, Stencil …
In this post i will talk about a very simple and efficient motion blur implementation using the accumulation buffer idea.
In few words, our technic (actually it is just a Post Effect) consists of:

  • Render our scene to a offscreen Render Target
  • Mix the previous generated image with a downsampled version of the last frame using alpha blending (!!!)
  • Downsample the result of the last pass (to be used in the next frame =P)

Quite simple !
I wont put the full xna source code. The first reason is because i did not implemented it using the xna directely (i actually used PloobsEngine layer) and second cause we dont learn the stuffs if we just copy and paste stuffs. I will just put the most important parts. (as always, i ignored some stuffs like filtering … and optimizate nothing)

To create a render target, you use:

RenderTarget2D rt1 =  new RenderTarget2D(device, width, height, mipmap, SurfaceFormat, DepthFormat, preferedMultisampleCount, RenderTargetUsage);

You will need to create 3 of this, one to render the scene, and another to hold the downsampled image and the last to hold intermediate values.
For the downsample image, use width/2 and height/2. The values of mipmap, SurfceFormat …. depends of your render options, usually we use the same configuration of our backbuffer, to get those, check the GraphicDevice.PresentationParameters property.

To render the scene to a render target use:

///set render target
///clear it
///ALL YOUR DRAW CODE HERE ... SpriteBatch ... Model.Draw .... everything ...
///set another render target (setting another one, unset the current one =P)
///now the rt1 "is" a texture2D with your scene rendered to it

Now you need to Mix this with the last frame Content (and render this to another Render Target rt2)

///rt2 is already setted, clear it
///render the scene texture
rHelper.RenderTextureComplete(rt1, Color.FromNonPremultiplied(255, 255, 255, 255), GraphicInfo.FullScreenRectangle, Matrix.Identity, null, true);
///render the rt3 with alpha blending (the downsampled version ... WILL BE GENERATED IN THE FOLLOWING)
rHelper.RenderTextureComplete(rt3, Color.FromNonPremultiplied(255, 255, 255, Amount), GraphicInfo.FullScreenRectangle, Matrix.Identity, null, true, SpriteSortMode.Deferred, SamplerState.LinearClamp, BlendState.AlphaBlend);

The Amount variable controls the motion blur “Intensity”.
The render helper facility just do:

spriteBatch.Begin(SpriteSortMode, blenderState, samplerState, depthState, rasterizerState, effect, transform);
spriteBatch.Draw(texture, destination,source, color);

Now we need to generate the downsample version (put in the rt3 render target):

///set render target
///clear it
rHelper.RenderTextureComplete(rt2, Color.White, rt2.Bounds, Matrix.Identity, rt1.Bounds, true);

Finally we just render the rt2 (the mixed results to the screen)

///set render target to be the screen (null)
///clear it
rHelper.RenderTextureComplete(end, Color.White, GraphicInfo.FullScreenRectangle, Matrix.Identity, null, true);

It is done !!!
You can use this with 2D/3D … WP7, XBOX , PC …
This is a basic and rudimentar motion blur technic, but can give good results, specially in WP7 !!!

In the future i will post some others approaches to Motion Blur using Shaders.

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