Books, Papers and Links – Computer Graphics

Hi People,  In this post i will make an extensive list with links and materials about computer graphics.

I will suggest lot of books, papers and websites that talk about Math (for games), Graphics APIs like DirectX/XNA and some specific topics of Computer Graphics like animation and terrain. The idea is to keep this list live and the links always updated. Any link suggestions, pls put in the comments.

Computer Graphics and Math

Computer Graphics using Opengl

Interactive Computer Graphics: A Top-Down Approach with OpenGL

Principles of Digital Image Synthesis

Geometric Tools for Computer Graphics

WEBSITE VectorMath Tutorial

WEBSITE Vector Lessons

WEBSITE Kesen papers Collection

WEBSITE Valve Publication

WEBSITE Crytek Publication

WEBSITE Dice Publication

WEBSITE Pixar Papers Collection

WEBSITE Walt Disney Papers Collection

WEBSITE NVIDIA Papers Collection

WEBSITE Microsoft Graphics Research

WEBSITE Raytracing News Site

WEBSITE RenderMan Publication


Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 10

Advanced 3D Game Programming with DirectX 10.0

BLOG DirectX Tutorial

BLOG RasterTek (Tutorials DirectX 11 and DirectX 10)

BLOG Taking Initiative (Tutorials DirectX 10)

BLOG Xtunt (Easy and really awesome introduction to Shader Model 5, only one post, look for the downloadable document)

WEBSITE Nvidia SDK (Samples)

WEBSITE DirectX Developer Center



[Not compatible with XNA 4.0, For me this is the best XNA book i ever found] XNA 3.0 Game Programming Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach

AppHub – Official website

BLOG/Portal SgtConker – One of the best Portal about  XNA development

Blog Shawn – It is almost a Portal about xna and computer graphics

VIDEOTUTORIALS Xna Video Tutorials on Vimeo

BLOG Skytiger – Interesting and depth articles

BLOG Roy Triesscheijn’s – Interesting articles (not only xna)

BLOG Communist – Interesting articles

BLOG RandomChaos – Interesting articles (see the downloads part =P)

BLOG Riemers – Classic Tutorial Series

BLOG Catalin Zima – Awesome articles  =P

BLOG Dark CodeX Studio – Cool and easy to follow series about shaders (has some extra materials also)

BLOG Digi Seven – Small Shader series

BLOG JColuna – Cool and easy introduction to Light Pre Pass Render

BLOG Graphic Stream (Most articles are in french, some in english)

BLOG Graphics Runner – Lots of cool samples in XNA and DirectX

XNA Wiki – Samples in  XNA

BLOG ToyMaker – Tutorials

WEBSITE Nelxon – Cool Effects

WEBSITE XNA GPA – Tutorial and tips about XNA (updated regularly)

WEBSITE Nelxon (Again =P Cool XNA 4.0 Survivor kit =P)

API Farseer (2D Xna 4.0 Physic Engine) – Used In PloobsEngine

API Bepu (3D Xna 4.0 Physic Engine) – Used In PloobsEngine

API Neoforce (Gui For Xna 4.0) – Used In PloobsEngine

API DPSf (Particles for XNA 4.0)  – Used in PloobsEngine


Real Time 3D Terrain Engines Using C++ And Dx9

Focus On 3D Terrain Programming

Paper Real-time Terrain Rendering using Smooth Hardware Optimized Level of Detail (paper)

WEBSITE Rendering Very Large, Very Detailed Terrains (Nice Papers and articles)

WEBSITE Terrain collection od articles


Advanced Animation and Rendering Techniques. Theory and Practice

Advanced Animation with DirectX

API XNA Animation Component Library (API )

API XNAnimation Library (Portuguese) – Used in PloobsEngine

API Another Animation Library for Xna 4.0 (the “shader” part is in the user side)



iPhone SDK Development by The Pragmatic Programmers

iPhone Game Development by O’Reilly


Level of Detail for 3D Graphics

Real Time Rendering (for me, this is one of the best books about modern real time computer graphics technics)

Physically Based Rendering (user suggestion)

Graphics Gems Series (Series of books about graphics technics)

Game Gems Series (8 books so far about game programming in general – graphical, math, physics, sound, IA, networking …)

The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants (Computer simulation of plants development)

WIKI Lots of Links about art and Gamedev

BLOG AltDevBlogADay (Lots of articles about GameDev)

FORUM POST List of free tools for begginers (Recomended for begginers)…a_list_of_free/

MAGAZINE Game Developer Magazine (not free >.<)

BLOG MJP (Computer Graphics topics)

BLOG Lost in Triangles (Computer Graphics topics)

BLOG The Instruction Limit (Computer Graphics topics)

BLOG Real time Rendering Resources (tips about new books, technics …)

API Assimp (Open Asset Import Library – portable 3D mesh importer)

API PhysX (Nvidia Free Physic Engine )

API Bullet Physics (awesome physic engine, i prefer this than PhysX =P)

WEBSITE Real Time Rendering Books (awesome list of computer grahpics related book)



Cuda By Example (The est book about Cuda i ever read)


Shaders Programming




BOOK ShaderX Series of 8 awesome books with articles about Shader programming


BOOK Programming Vertex And Pixel Shaders (FREE)

Game Portals

Beyond 3D



Reddit Gamedev

PontoV (Portuguese) – Game Programming in general =P

Unidev (Portuguese) – Game Programming in general =P


I just put sites and book that i used, recommend and trust.

Suggestions are ALWAYS welcome !!! Leave a comment with the link and a small description, i will update this list as soon as i can =P

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