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Triangle Rasterizer with Perspective Correction

Some years ago i implemented a full Software Render (learning purpose) using just regular C#.
Some days ago i was desperate trying to find a good Triangle rasterizer with perspective correction and then i remembered about the code i had written !
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Dynamic Octree in XNA

This post will show an implementation of a dynamic octree called loose octree.

Most people use different approaches for dynamics and statics objects when building spatial acceleration algorithms. This one can be used for both scenarios with reasonable speed.

This algorithm is used in our game engine PloobsEngine to perform frustrum culling. People can use it to acelerate world queries (search for objects within a radius ..), for physics …. Leia o resto desse post »

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2D Bone Animation Principles Sample in XNA

Some months ago i was studying about bone animation and i decided to make an example in xna. Here i post the source code. It was build using xna 3.1. Leia o resto desse post »

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XNA 4.0 Gamma Corrected Pipeline

This post will show how to implement a Gamma Corrected pipeline  in XNA 4.0 (PC and Xbox).

Normally we dont pay too much attention to gamma correction, the reason in that we can achieve good results without it. But when we want professional quality, gamma correction becomes a must have feature.

For those that dont know what gamma correction is, i suggest this and this classic wiki page =P

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XNA Point,Spot and Directional Light Samples

In the last months i made two tutorials about phong shading in portuguese (here and here).

I developed two XNA 4.0 samples showing how to build (in hlsl) points, spot and directional lights. As a bonus, i also added some others cool stuffs in the projects =P Check it =P. All samples uses the PloobsEngine as a base.

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Implementando Raytracing usando XNA

Este post irá falar um pouco sobre um renderizador baseado em raytracing que eu implementei um tempo atrás usando XNA 3.1 e C#.

Iniciarei com uma introducão teória (fácil de acompanhar) e em seguida mostrarei alguns detalhes da implementação.

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Software Render no XNA

Olá Pessoal, neste post irei apresentar um projeto que implementei recentemente. Trata-se de um Software Render Completo que realiza todas as transformações geométricas discutidas no post sobre Renderização 3D.

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