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Building System For Large C#/XNA Projects

This Post will talk about our custom Building System used to create the PloobsEngine MSI Package. Lots of time ago, when the engine code and the project number were smaller, we could afford to build our packages by hand, but when things got bigger and bigger the necessity for something fully automatizated became obvious. Leia o resto desse post »

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PloobsEngine Windows Phone 7 New Demos

Our Friend Fernando Figueira (Caverna) from Microsoft presented some demos of our Game Engine in Brazilian Finals of the Imagine Cup (Brasilia) and in Windows Phone Day (Curitiba – also Brazil).

The full Presentation in Portugese can be seen in the following link:

The presented Demos Source Code can be downloaded here

We also have a small ppt talking about each demo here.

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PloobsUpdater 1.0 Released

untitledPloobsUpdater is a simple App that helps people Downloading new versions of PloobsEngine (Engine Dll, Demos, Documentation and Auxiliar Apps). It also notifies when new versions are avaliable.

Download Link

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Slides sobre Game Engines

Há um tempo atrás nós fizemos duas breves apresentações introdutórias sobre Game Engines.

Seguem os Slides que utilizamos:


PloobsAndGameEngineFull.pptx (vários slides em hide)

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PloobsEngine News

For the next Release (we are planning to deliver it in the middle of February), we expect to add the following features:

  • Support for Xbox 360 (We will support Pc-Hidef, Pc-Reach, Xbox360 and WP7)
  • Full Integration  Wp7 + SilverLight (also handling cases when page orientation changes)
  • Custom Script  Language Based on C# (extremely fast and flexible =P)
  • Custom Serializator (Automatically serialize Classes and structs)
  • PloobsLoader (Content Pipeline to load more than 20 formats like collada, 3ds …)
  • Content Loader heavily Improved (Can load assets assync, can Unload single asset …)
  • Garbage Production Heavily Reduced
  • Billboards for WP7
  • Finally 3D Physic Debug !!!
  • Lots of new Effects like: Motion Blur (three versions, one for wp7, another for PC-Reach and the last for PC-Hidef based on velocity Buffers) …
  • Overal Documentation improvements
  • Lots of minor improvements

A list with our current features can be found here.

For those that want to see how things are going on, take a look at our Repo.


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Faking KeyFrame Animation with PloobsEngine

It is been a long time since i searched to the first time how to do a keyframe animation in Xna, and occurs me to make another way, so i use bone animation in a simple way, emulating the behavior of a simple keyframe animation. Leia o resto desse post »

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[PloobsEngine] Tutorial 10 – Finite State Machine

This tutorial will show how to use  the ploobsengine build in finite state machine. (the complet list of tutorials can be found here) The code for this sample is NOT included in the advanced demos package avaliable for download (but you can easily copy and past from this post).

Finite State Machine (FSM) is a very classic (and simple) AI technique used in almost all kinds of games, for a good explanation visit this site.

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Using PloobsEngine 101

Imagem da cena do exemplo

This is a 101 tutorial of how to use the PloobsEngine in a simple example from scratch.

In this example we are going to create a simple little car controlled by the keyboard. Showing and providing the assets used in it.

You can download [download id=”39″ ] the Visual Studio Project

You can download [download id=”40″] the Assets of the project.

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[PloobsEngine] Problems and Frequently Asked Questions

Hi people, in this post i will try to answer lots of question that we are receiving by email.

This page will grow as soon as more common doubts appears.

Before reading this page, i strongly suggest you to read the Tutorial page and the Engine Presentation page Leia o resto desse post »


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PloobsEngine Features Video

New PloobsEngine Features Video

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