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3D Dynamic Reflection in Windows Phone 7

Some classic ways of simulating Full Dynamic Reflection in Computer Graphics are Spherical Reflection (very low quality with lots of gaps but extremely fast), Dual Paraboloid Reflection Mapping (not so slow but not so beautiful) and Dynamic Cube Mapping (Slow but awesome quality).
In this post i will present a way to implement the Dynamic Cub Mapping Reflection in WP7 using only the built-in shaders provided by XNA. Leia o resto desse post »

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Building System For Large C#/XNA Projects

This Post will talk about our custom Building System used to create the PloobsEngine MSI Package. Lots of time ago, when the engine code and the project number were smaller, we could afford to build our packages by hand, but when things got bigger and bigger the necessity for something fully automatizated became obvious. Leia o resto desse post »

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Skybox on Windows Phone 7

When we have no custom shader, we need to make some sort of little magics to create usual effects like Skybox. This Small post will show a way to simulate this visual effect on Windows Phone 7.
The trick is actually very simple, we just “extract” all the textures from the cube map texture (normally we feed it to a shader that would sample it with the eye vector, but we dont have custom shaders …) and draw all of then each frame (transformed by the camera matrices).
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PloobsEngine Windows Phone 7 New Demos

Our Friend Fernando Figueira (Caverna) from Microsoft presented some demos of our Game Engine in Brazilian Finals of the Imagine Cup (Brasilia) and in Windows Phone Day (Curitiba – also Brazil).

The full Presentation in Portugese can be seen in the following link:

The presented Demos Source Code can be downloaded here

We also have a small ppt talking about each demo here.

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Gaussian Blur with Depth Preservation

This post will show a simple implementation of a gaussian blur effect with edge preservation.

Sometimes (like in fluid rendering) we need to perform a gaussian blur but we also need to still with edge preservation. The following code shows how to achieve this. Leia o resto desse post »


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Setting View Matrix For CubeMap Rendering

Recently, some guys asked me how to set the view matrix to create dynamic CubeMaps of a scene (and eventually use it for things like dynamic Reflection or PointLight Shadow Generation).
We did not have this on PloobsEngine, so i decided to implement and then tell how do i achieved that.
The idea is actually very very simple, you just need to point your camera to the 6 “cube” orientations and render the scene then store the result in the cubemap +P. The only trick is to associate each cube face with the right View Matrix. Leia o resto desse post »

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PloobsUpdater 1.0 Released

untitledPloobsUpdater is a simple App that helps people Downloading new versions of PloobsEngine (Engine Dll, Demos, Documentation and Auxiliar Apps). It also notifies when new versions are avaliable.

Download Link

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Slides da Apresentação sobre Shaders no PiraGamedev

Segue Link para apresentação que fizemos no evento Pira Gamedev 2012 sobre Introdução à Shader e pipeline programável.


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C# Wrapper for RVO2 3D (for Crowd Simulation) Released

Some time ago i was looking for a good crowd simulation api for C#, i found sharpsteer but it was not stable (in terms of simulation accuracy) enough for my needs. The only one i found was RVO (really good one =P) that is written in C++.

I ported the RVO 2D version for XNA (works on Windows Phone 7) and created a wrapper for the RVO3D and RVO2 2D using C++/CLI. Leia o resto desse post »

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Rendering Text on 3D with Windows Phone 7

This Short Post will show how to render 2D Text in a 3D World with XNA 4.0 (PC , Xbox 360 or Windows Phone 7).

The idea is pretty close to this one about classic 3D Billboards, so i wont wast your time explaining how things works.
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