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[PloobsEngine] Tutorial 7 – Ploobs Materials

Hi, This tutorial is the first from the series: PloobsEngine Advanced Tutorials. It will talk about how to use normal, specular, glow and paralax mapping with PloobsEngine.  (tutorials series here)

One of the greatest beneficts of Deferred Shading is the possibility of separating the light and geometry calculation. For us, in simple way, this mean that we dont need to rewrite all the phong calculation in every shader we build. The materials are just different ways of processing the geometry, the lighting evaluations remains exactely the same.

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XNA Point,Spot and Directional Light Samples

In the last months i made two tutorials about phong shading in portuguese (here and here).

I developed two XNA 4.0 samples showing how to build (in hlsl) points, spot and directional lights. As a bonus, i also added some others cool stuffs in the projects =P Check it =P. All samples uses the PloobsEngine as a base.

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Code Snippet: Edge Detector/Antialiasing Shader

Some days ago i was looking for a simple and effective edge detector idea to use in an AntiAliasing shader for Deferred Shading (ideas that effectively make use of the Normal and the Depth Buffers).

Two called my attention: The first one is from the game Stalker, this page from GPU Gems explains the whole idea (nothing very complitaded =P, they show lot of the code). The results are pretty cool, as you can see in this image for example. The second is the one used in Tabula Rasa game, this page from GPU Gems shows the whole idea.

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Drawing FullScreen Quads with XNA 4.0

Quads are very important for numerous effects like all Image processing techniques (Bloom, Blur,Fog ….), Deferred Shading, Some particles system technics and others …..

In this short tutorial we will show how to draw a simple quad (and the theory behind it =P) using xna 4.0

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PloobsEngine na Revista Mundo.Net

A PloobsEngine terá um artigo de capa na revista Mundo.Net em que falamos um pouco sobre o projeto e damos uma pequena mostra de como utilizá-la.


“Saiba porquê a utilização de game engines facilita o desenvolvimento de jogos, trazendo resultados muito mais satisfatórios com menor esforço e custo.” Revista Mundo.Net


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[PloobsEngine] Tutorial 6 – Important Objects

Hi all. This tutorial will be diferent from previous ones. We will talk about how to use the engine intrinsic objects to handle common tasks like loading/creating assets, render objects and recover graphic related datas. (tutorials series here)

We already used most of this functions in the last tutorials, but now we will explain each of them in great details.

This tutorial is the last from the series Introduction Demos, the next ones will talk about more advanced features.

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Implementando Raytracing usando XNA

Este post irá falar um pouco sobre um renderizador baseado em raytracing que eu implementei um tempo atrás usando XNA 3.1 e C#.

Iniciarei com uma introducão teória (fácil de acompanhar) e em seguida mostrarei alguns detalhes da implementação.

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Books, Papers and Links – Computer Graphics

Hi People,  In this post i will make an extensive list with links and materials about computer graphics.

I will suggest lot of books, papers and websites that talk about Math (for games), Graphics APIs like DirectX/XNA and some specific topics of Computer Graphics like animation and terrain. The idea is to keep this list live and the links always updated. Any link suggestions, pls put in the comments.

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[PloobsEngine] Tutorial 5 – Initialization Parameters

This tutorial will talk about the PloobsEngine Initialization Parameters. (tutorials series here)

The tutorials so far used some “curious” options when initializing the engine, now we will talk about each of those misterious choices. =P
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CPU VS GPU – Encontrando o Gargalo — Pt 2

Neste post irei discutir um pouco sobre algumas maneiras que temos para perceber se um jogo esta limitado pela CPU ou pela GPU . Irei também falar brevemente sobre como remover gargalos no caso da aplicacão esta limitada pela GPU. (Link para parte 1)

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