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XNA Point,Spot and Directional Light Samples

In the last months i made two tutorials about phong shading in portuguese (here and here).

I developed two XNA 4.0 samples showing how to build (in hlsl) points, spot and directional lights. As a bonus, i also added some others cool stuffs in the projects =P Check it =P. All samples uses the PloobsEngine as a base.

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Code Snippet: Edge Detector/Antialiasing Shader

Some days ago i was looking for a simple and effective edge detector idea to use in an AntiAliasing shader for Deferred Shading (ideas that effectively make use of the Normal and the Depth Buffers).

Two called my attention: The first one is from the game Stalker, this page from GPU Gems explains the whole idea (nothing very complitaded =P, they show lot of the code). The results are pretty cool, as you can see in this image for example. The second is the one used in Tabula Rasa game, this page from GPU Gems shows the whole idea.

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Drawing FullScreen Quads with XNA 4.0

Quads are very important for numerous effects like all Image processing techniques (Bloom, Blur,Fog ….), Deferred Shading, Some particles system technics and others …..

In this short tutorial we will show how to draw a simple quad (and the theory behind it =P) using xna 4.0

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Books, Papers and Links – Computer Graphics

Hi People,  In this post i will make an extensive list with links and materials about computer graphics.

I will suggest lot of books, papers and websites that talk about Math (for games), Graphics APIs like DirectX/XNA and some specific topics of Computer Graphics like animation and terrain. The idea is to keep this list live and the links always updated. Any link suggestions, pls put in the comments.

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CPU VS GPU – Encontrando o Gargalo — Pt 2

Neste post irei discutir um pouco sobre algumas maneiras que temos para perceber se um jogo esta limitado pela CPU ou pela GPU . Irei também falar brevemente sobre como remover gargalos no caso da aplicacão esta limitada pela GPU. (Link para parte 1)

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[PloobsEngine] Tutorial 0 – Basic 3D Scene

This first tutorial with teach you the basic concepts of the PloobsEngine and how to create a simple 3D scene. (tutorials series here)

We plan to make a serie of tutorials, some will be about using the engine, others will explain how the engine implement its internal features. We will range from the basic to the advanced. Our plan is to release at least one tutorial each week.


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PloobsEngine for XNA 4.0 Alpha Version Released

Redirecting to the Latest Version of PloobsEngine.

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Software Render no XNA

Olá Pessoal, neste post irei apresentar um projeto que implementei recentemente. Trata-se de um Software Render Completo que realiza todas as transformações geométricas discutidas no post sobre Renderização 3D.

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Introdução à Aceleradores Gráficos

O acelerador gráfico ou GPU é um microprocessador especializado que acelera o processo de renderização 2D e 3D. Eles são usados em sistemas embarcados, smartphones, computadores pessoais, grandes Workstations e em consoles.

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