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[PloobsEngine] Tutorial 10 – Finite State Machine

This tutorial will show how to use  the ploobsengine build in finite state machine. (the complet list of tutorials can be found here) The code for this sample is NOT included in the advanced demos package avaliable for download (but you can easily copy and past from this post).

Finite State Machine (FSM) is a very classic (and simple) AI technique used in almost all kinds of games, for a good explanation visit this site.

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[PloobsEngine] Tutorial 9 – Playing Sounds

This tutorial will talk about how to play all kind of sounds using PloobsEngine. (tutorials series here)

The PloobsEngine has basicaly three types of sounds: The 3D sound effects, the 2D sound effects an a Music Player.

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[PloobsEngine] Tutorial 7 – Ploobs Materials

Hi, This tutorial is the first from the series: PloobsEngine Advanced Tutorials. It will talk about how to use normal, specular, glow and paralax mapping with PloobsEngine.  (tutorials series here)

One of the greatest beneficts of Deferred Shading is the possibility of separating the light and geometry calculation. For us, in simple way, this mean that we dont need to rewrite all the phong calculation in every shader we build. The materials are just different ways of processing the geometry, the lighting evaluations remains exactely the same.

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[PloobsEngine] Tutorial 6 – Important Objects

Hi all. This tutorial will be diferent from previous ones. We will talk about how to use the engine intrinsic objects to handle common tasks like loading/creating assets, render objects and recover graphic related datas. (tutorials series here)

We already used most of this functions in the last tutorials, but now we will explain each of them in great details.

This tutorial is the last from the series Introduction Demos, the next ones will talk about more advanced features.

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[PloobsEngine] Tutorial 5 – Initialization Parameters

This tutorial will talk about the PloobsEngine Initialization Parameters. (tutorials series here)

The tutorials so far used some “curious” options when initializing the engine, now we will talk about each of those misterious choices. =P
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[PloobsEngine] Tutorial 4 – Lights and Cameras


This tutorial will teach you about the PloobsEngine Lights and Camera System. (tutorials series here)

It is very important to say that in this version the Light system is exclusive of the Deferred Rendering technich. We implemented lights for Forward Render also, but it is not included in the PLoobsEngine (performance issues >.<), we plan in the near future to make a tutorial about Phong Shading using that code as example.

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[PloobsEngine] Tutorial 3 – Physics and Picking

This tutorial will teach you about the PloobsEngine Physics and the Picking Systems. (tutorials series here)

This tutorial wont talk about specific physic API usage, for this check this, it will talk about how we integrate the physic API and how to use its features

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[PloobsEngine] Tutorial 2 – Message System and Triggers

This third tutorial will teach you about the PloobsEngine Message System and the Trigger system. (tutorials series here)

The Message System is one of the most important component in the engine, it is responsible for letting entities to communicate exchanging messages.

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[PloobsEngine] Tutorial 1 – Components and Input System

This second tutorial will teach you about the PloobsEngine Components and introduce the  Input handler System. (tutorials series here)

The idea is to make a little introduction describing the Components design, after show how the Input handler works and finish with a code sample.

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[PloobsEngine] Tutorial 0 – Basic 3D Scene

This first tutorial with teach you the basic concepts of the PloobsEngine and how to create a simple 3D scene. (tutorials series here)

We plan to make a serie of tutorials, some will be about using the engine, others will explain how the engine implement its internal features. We will range from the basic to the advanced. Our plan is to release at least one tutorial each week.


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