[Repo HG] How To use

[Repo HG] How To use

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Mercurial HG is a distributed source control management tool. Like subversion (this is not distributed).
How to use:
First Download a client for it. I use the tortoise hg http://tortoisehg.bitbucket.org/
and after download a Visual Studio plugin (helps a lot) http://visualhg.codeplex.com/

Hg Repo works different from subversion.
You have a local repo in your machine, every developer has one. You add files and commit them to this local repo. People cant access it. (It works as subversion, you add files, remove, commit and update, the diference is that everything is your local machine)
Sometimes, you want to "merge" the code in your repo with code in others developers repo. For this you syncronize repos.

How to use this with Tortoise HG and with PloobsEngine
We have a global repo in http://ploobsengine.hg.sourceforge.net:8000/hgroot/ploobsengine/ploobsengine (read-only)
To start using you need to "clone" this repo to your machine (create your local repo)
For this you right click in the desktop (or anywhere else), click in tortoise Hg and in clone. Choose the source as the Global Repo Address (given above) and the destination one folder of your system and press ok.
when finished you will have a local copy of the global repo. Then you can add remove commit ..... everything (yes, you have a local source control, you can check local revisions ... )
When you think you have something stable and want to share you just right click in your repo folder and choose syncronize and after in push (commiting all your changes to global repo).

To get changes from the global repo (some developer commited) you just right click, choose tortoise hg, syncronize and push, after this you need to update. (the push will bring the latest version to your local repo, after this you need to update your code from it).

you can also create branchs.
Branches occur if lines of development diverge. The term "branch" may thus refer to a "diverged line of development". For Mercurial, a "line of development" is a linear sequence of consecutive changesets.
Normally i dont create this, it happens when you want to make something that will make thinks unstable, but you want to share to everyone.
When updating/commiting you choose from which branch you want the code(default normaly).

The Visual studio plugin makes the life very easier enabling us to do everything isinde the visual studio.
Install the plugin, go to the Visual Studio Tools, options , Source Control and set VisualHG

Tortoise HG - just clone the following address

if anyone wants write access just ask and pass your SOURCEFORGE account.
Any problem, just ask ! :mrgreen:
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Re: [Repo HG] How To use

Mensagempor tpastor » 10 Mai 2011, 21:09

Some people are experimenting some troubles with Merge in Tortoise HG
i recomend the following steps:

commit your local changes to your local repo (right click and commit)
after you right click (on the your local repo folder), choose synchronize and PULL
them you right click and choose HG Repository Explorer
them you right click on the last revision and choose MERGE WITH
them, in the new info box, you choose the merge tool (i PREFER TORTOISEMERGE, cause it is intuitive, the default is kdiff, i cant understand it ...)
click in merge
Resolve ALL merges conflicts
Commit the merged Version

---if you want to send your merged version to the main repo
righ click, choose synchronize and Push

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Re: [Repo HG] How To use

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