PloobsEngine Beta Test package for the 0.4 Release

PloobsEngine Beta Test package for the 0.4 Release

Mensagempor tpastor » 27 Nov 2011, 15:21

Hi all,
We plan to launch the 0.4 version of the engine in two weeks.
The following link contains a test version of the engine installer (a .RAR with the ploobsengine .msi):
You will find:
- All the Engine Dlls (WIndows Hidef, WIndows Reach and Windows Phone Version)
- Source Code of the Demos (Introduction, Advanced, Reach and Phone Demos)
- The binaries of the Pc Windows Hidef Advanced Demos Version
- Visual Studio 2010 Templates (Itens and Project Templates)
- Help Document (VERY OLD version, we will update for the final release)

For the Release, we plan to add lots of more stuffs to it, but for now we need to check how stable this package is.
Any problem, suggestion ..... send us an email.
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